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We are here to help you make your canine companion the best dog ever!

Innovative Training for Dogs and Their Owners

There are no bones about it: Life with an unruly, poorly trained pup can be pretty “ruff.” At K-9 Coach, we understand and are here to help! We provide innovative, award-winning dog training services in Atlanta and are here to help you make your canine companion the best dog ever. Our certified trainers have you covered whether your dog needs some help with basic manners and commands or you’re interested in teaching them advanced skills or tricks. We serve clients in metro Atlanta, including Smyrna, Vinings, Sandy Springs, and the nearby communities and would love to help with your dog training needs.

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Group Training Classes

Welcome to the exciting world of group training with your canine companion!

Our group classes are designed to teach your dog everything from basic manners and obedience to tricks and agility. All classes are led by experienced and highly qualified professionals who are here to help you train the best dog ever. With our group training classes, you and your canine companion will have a blast while your dog learns new skills.

Group Class Enrollment

To enroll in a group training class, you can give us a call, email our trainers, or request to enroll via our customer portal. Steps for online enrollment:

  1. Click “Enroll Online” to go to our “Customer Portal”.
  2. Click "Request Services" after logging in.
  3. Click “Book Training Now”.
  4. Select the class you would like to enroll in, and click to blue “Request Enrollment” button in the right corner.
  5. Afterwards, our staff will be able to review and approve your request.

*All children attending class must be directly supervised by an accompanied adult at all times. Class attendance is not recommended for children under the age of 10.

*For “Open Enrollment” classes, you must register for the class date you plan to attend prior to attendance. This is to ensure we do not exceed adequate class numbers and can give all attendees equal instruction.

*Canine attendees must have all age appropriate vaccinations. Puppies must have at least the second round of the distemper vaccine.

*No classes on holidays

Dogs in training

Group Classes

  • 5 Class Pass - Open Enrollment Courses:


  • 10 Class Pass - Open Enrollment Courses:


  • 20 Class Pass - Open Enrollment Courses:


  • 8 | Group Class | Canine Good Citizen:


Learn for Life

Our Most Popular Training Option

Learn for Life is our exclusive, award-winning board and train program. Because it’s custom-designed based on your goals, your dog, and your family.

Coach with Dog

The Learn for Life program

The Learn for Life program is our award winning board and train option where your dog can train, lodge and play all at once! Our dedicated trainers will work with your dog 5 days a week to teach them new skills, improve upon existing behaviors and work towards the training goals you have in mind! On their two weekly off days, your pup will take a break from learning to enjoy group play with their four legged friends. Love and attention from our lodging staff is always included!

Our Programs

One Week “Mini-Mester” Program

Cost: $1090

This program is recommended for existing clients who need a brush up on their skills. For new training clients, this program is a great option for teaching your dog foundational cues, and is a great jump start for any dog owner who needs a bit of guidance on where to begin with training.

Includes: One Private “Go Home” Lesson at the K-9 Coach facility & an informational packet guiding you on the cues/behaviors taught.

Two Week “Undergraduate” Program

Cost: $2180

This program allows for our trainers to build upon foundation cues, and develop reliability in controlled environments such as your home, and around moderate distractions. A two week Learn for Life is highly suggested for new training clients who want their dog to have an understanding of basic, common behaviors.

Includes: One Private “Go Home” Lesson at the K-9 Coach facility & an informational packet guiding you on the cues/behaviors taught.

Three Week “Masters” Program

Cost: $2943

This program is for the owner who wants more reliability around distractions, and consistency in real-world situations. The trainer will work around all manner of distractions to help create more sustainable predictability.

Includes: One Private “Go Home” Lesson at the K-9 Coach facility, one follow up private lesson at the K-9 Coach facility & an informational packet guiding you on the cues/behaviors taught.

Four Week “PhD” Program

Cost: $3924

This is our program for developing the most advanced obedience reliability. Our trainer will build your dog’s foundational cues to be reliable in controlled as well as public spaces. Our training goal is to achieve a balanced, well behaved and consistent dog.

Includes: One Private “Go Home” Lesson at the K-9 Coach facility, one follow up private lesson at the K-9 Coach facility, a free bath at pick up to ensure they go home feeling their best & an informational packet guiding you on the cues/behaviors taught.

Dog leash with trainer

Daycare and Train

Bringing your dog to daycare? Save time and get them trained while they’re there.

Enjoy knowing that your pup is learning new skills, getting exercise, learning manners, building confidence, and having crazy amounts of fun!

Our program is designed to teach puppies and dogs of all ages basic obedience and work on overcoming behavioral issues. Using positive reinforcement, we lovingly teach your pup the everyday life skills they need in a safe and fun environment.

While your pup is at daycare, they will have plenty of opportunities to play, socialize, nap, and exercise with other dogs. Our highly skilled staff closely monitors playtime to ensure that all dogs are safe and happy.

Signing up is easy. You can sign up for our daycare and train program after completing a free evaluation with our trainer.

  • Single 30min Session:


  • Single 1hr Session:


  • Five 30min Sessions:


  • Five 1hr Sessions:


  • Ten 30min Sessions:


  • Ten 1hr Sessions:


Private Lessons and Premier Puppy

Work one-on-one with a trainers, we can even come to you and offer online lessons for convenience.

Private Lessons at K-9 Coach

Come with your pup to train in person at the K9 Coach facility with one of our talented trainers. We can help you with puppy development, basic obedience, or target specific behaviors.

$130 per hour long session


  • 4 Sessions for $469

Off-Site Private Lessons

Train with a K9 Coach Trainer outside of the facility. This can be in your home, at a park or other public spaces. Limit of 10 miles from facility. Locations beyond 5 miles are subject to trainer availability and an additional $10 travel fee.

$171 per hour


  • 4 Sessions for $630

Premier Puppy Package

Our Premier Puppy Package helps you and your new puppy get ready for life together. Built with young dogs in mind, this package includes a combination of private training, group classes, camp days and a trip to the spa! As your pup grows, this package gives you the resources you need for their first year of life.

Premier Puppy Package $500

This package includes:

  • Four Off leash Puppy Classes.
  • A Private Lesson at K-9 Coach - 1 hour, one-on-one with one of our professional trainers to address your specific family needs. (You can upgrade this lesson to be at your home for an additional $40).
  • S.T.A.R. Puppy Class – These 6-week classes are open to pups aged 3.5 months to one year at the time of graduation. Developed by the AKC, S.T.A.R. is the first step in the Canine Good Citizenship certification.
  • Five full days of camp - Puppies must be fully vaccinated with Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella, neutered after 6 months and pass our temperament evaluation to use this service.
  • Puppy Groom - Excellent to establish comfort in handling, nail trims, teeth examination and prevent discomfort with grooming as they age into adulthood. Includes a bath, nail trim, and a mini groom tailored to your dog’s breed and coat type! Meet with our groomer’s to discuss your puppy’s grooming needs! Requires pup to be fully vaccinated with Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella.

In Boarding Training

Is your pup going to be staying with us for a few nights and you’d like to brush up on their training skills? This service is for you. While your pup is here, our trainer will work with them on any manner of behavior you’d like!

Cute puppies


  • Single Session
    • 30 minutes - $50
    • 1-hour - $100
  • 5 Sessions
    • 30 min - $237.50
    • 1-hr - $475
  • 10 Sessions
    • 30 min - $462.50
    • 1-hr - $925

*Maximum of 4 consecutive days. For longer, please see our Learn for Life Program.

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Professional Affiliations

We have been recognized as the Best of Atlanta Dog Training for more than 20 years. We’ve also earned a national reputation of excellence because we listen to our clients’ concerns and provide services that meet their needs. We offer innovative, personalized solutions and provide the one-on-one attention dogs and their owners deserve.

K-9 Coach and its staff are active in several professional organizations, including:

  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultations (IAABC)
  • Pet Care Services Association (PCSA)
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)
  • American Kennel Club (AKC)

In addition, we have trainers with Elite Nosework Titles, Highest Levels of the AKC CGC and Trick Dog programs, World Finalist Disc Dogs, and National Championship Dock Diving Dogs.

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We are here to help you make your canine companion the best dog ever!

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Dog Training in Atlanta

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